Congratulations on finding one of the best sites dedicated to the care, maintance and restoration of classic vintage valve equipment.

Clive Mason is respected around the world for his knowledge of all things radio and of valve circuits. He regularly works on comissions for people in Europe as well as for American and Japanese electronics companies. This site is to put a spotlight on some of his work and past restorations.

Having an active interest in all things valve for the past twenty years means that a huge wealth of experience has been gained and as many difficult restorations have been achieved means that Clive is able to restore and repair equipment that others have failed with. Even the cabinates of radio's and jukeboxes can be rebuilt when needed. Juke box mech's are striped and rebuilt for reliable operation. Thousands of spares are available for most radio sets which means the repairs can usually carried out quickly even when parts need manufacturing, and all work completed carries a full guarantee.
A short veiw of Clive Mason at work
Gallary of pre 1930 recievers
Gallary of post 1930 recievers
Just a few of the Jukeboxes restored by Clive
For advise on restoration or repairs email clive your problem.
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